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Lakrenovatie pad - ProTechshopnl
Lakrenovatie pad - ProTechshopnl
Lakrenovatie pad - ProTechshopnl
Lakrenovatie pad - ProTechshopnl

Paint renovation path

Developed in our laboratory
Professional products
Produced in France

ProTech paint renovation pad is specially intended for the manual application of polishing pastes.

Perfect to use with, for example, the ProTech paint polisher

ProTech polishing paste (on request via

Perfector polishing paste

Diamond ProCut polishing paste

Medium ProCut polishing paste

Strong ProCut polishing paste

The pad consists of two sides and simplifies the use of polishes by hand. The more abrasive red surface makes it possible to reach the micro-scratches and remove the oxidation. The softer black side restores the gloss and mirror effect of the clear coat once the paint correction is complete.

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