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Odor neutralizer
Odor neutralizer
Odor neutralizer
Odor neutralizer

Odor neutralizer

Developed in our laboratory
Professional products
Produced in France

The ProTech® odor neutralizer is a true professional odor destroyer. This product breaks down the odor molecules and makes them disappear for good. The natural essential oils provide a wonderfully light aroma, which disappears after a few days and makes way for a 'purified' atmosphere. It absolutely destroys local odors, but also general odors that have penetrated the upholstery.

Usage Advice

Spray 1 time in the air (in the passenger compartment).

Please note, this product is highly concentrated, 1 or 2 sprays are sufficient for the entire interior of the car.

If possible, spray some product directly on the source of the stench.

Repeat the treatment after a few days, if necessary, until the smell is completely gone.


If there is a bad smell, please clean the affected surface beforehand with the appropriate product. (Example: ProTech® Plastic Cleaner)

Suitable for household use.

Content: 500ml

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