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Duodeal laser wash - ProTechshopnl
Duodeal laser wash - ProTechshopnl

Duodeal laser wash

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Developed in our laboratory
Professional products
Produced in France

Caution: Do not use this product if your vehicle has been treated with the ProTech 3D+ coating. If you do use this product, the effect may decrease. Use the ProTech 3D+ waterless cleaning to properly maintain the 3D+ coating. It gives more shine and protection than this product.

Laser Wash is a revolutionary product to wash your vehicle. You can wash, protect and polish all smooth surfaces (bodywork, rims, plastic and chrome) without 1 drop of water

Duopak microfibre cloths:

For cleaning and finishing. The cloths are composed exclusively of the best textiles and have a high absorption capacity. These multi-fibre cloths are an excellent addition to the ProTech products. The softness of the cloths ensures that the result is improved when applying the ProTech products to the car. The combination of the ProTech product with this cloth ensures that your car always looks tip top.

Use the first ProTech® microfibre cloth to thoroughly remove the dirt from all smooth surfaces. For a perfect finish, then use the second ProTech® microfibre cloth. These high-quality microfibres are remarkably efficient and give a perfect result without the risk of scratches and without leaving marks.

With these products you can you can wash, polish and protect your entire car without water

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