Level 1

Cleaning upholstery

This tutorial takes: 5-10 min.

The required products are listed at each step.

This is a level 1 tutorial

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Cleaning seats and fabrics can take time and commitment, so we'll tackle it in two cleaning levels. The first method fits into our interior cleaning routine and only takes a few minutes.

Cleaning upholstery

Here we are talking about routine maintenance, removing the few stains on your chairs, or even your rugs and carpets. You will need a carpet and upholstery cleaner for this. Our well-known surfactants are again needed to clean the seats. To apply the product, we ideally need a honeycomb sponge, if not a microfibre variant: 

< div>- Take off your jewelry 
- Work your fabric piece by piece, seam to seam, to create a equal result and no circle on the stained area 
- Leave for a few seconds 
< font size="4">- Rub with the sponge or microfibre, the product may foam a little 
- Wipe off excess